Мастер-класс 28.03.2020


Образовательные баллы за этот курс:


Липский Константин Борисович

Липский Константин Борисович

пластический хирург, Кандидат медицинских наук

+7 903 171-37-97



  • The best ever international faculty
  • Fully customizable agenda on separate tracks
  • Free morning masterclasses
  • Author-commented full-procedure videos
  • Videofocus on techniques
  • Keynote lectures
  • Preservation rhinoplasty
  • New technology in rhinoplasty
  • New nasal anatomy
  • Hot topics panels and videopanels
  • Point/counterpoint boxing rings
  • Best abstract & best video awards
  • Industry workshops
  • All the exhibits you need for your practice
  • RSE video-symposium



At the end of the course, the attendees should be able to

  1. Fully understand nasal anatomy, including new anatomical concepts related to nasal function and rhinoplasty technique
  2. Correctly analyze common and less common rhinoplasty issues preoperatively
  3. Formulate an adequate pre-surgical plan, so as to achieve consistent and predictable results
  4. Depending on their previous level of experience, appropriately perform the basic steps of open rhinoplasty, as well as a wide variety of current techniques and modifications of varying complexity
  5. Select reproducible, predictable and appropriate algorithms for specific problems in rhinoplasty
  6. Understand current issues in tip and dorsum surgery and master recent related techniques to improve results, including new specific osteotomy/osteoplasty concepts
  7. Understand the indications, concepts and practice of “Preservation Rhinoplasty” under the open approach, including its advantages and complications
  8. Understand the value of new instrumentation in rhinoplasty, including power tools and piezo
  9. Understand, recognize and treat functional issues in rhinoplasty
  10. Understand, prevent, recognize and correct complications
  11. Understand current techniques of varying complexity in secondary rhinoplasty, including use of fascia and rib grafting
  12. Understand and apply the correct indications and practice of medical rhinoplasty 


Who should attend

Surgeons of different specialties (Plastic, ENT, Maxillofacial) who wish to enhance their skills in rhinoplasty at all levels of experience. Both beginners and proficient rhinoplasty surgeons will draw benefit from the customizable program and the different educational tracks.  Advanced masterclasses are best reserved to proficient rhinoplasty surgeons. After attending the meeting, the attendee should have the tools to achieve the best possible result when performing an open primary or secondary rhinoseptoplasty.



10 reasons BG7:


  1. Videos tell it better: a video-based symposium: reliable, clear-cut information: videopanels, videocasepanels, videofocus on techniques1

  2. Understand the controversies, the pros and the cons: point/counterpoint boxing rings: New Technologies, Structural vs Preservation: an unbiased, open minded, fact based Symposium!

  3. The world of Rhinoplasty is increasingly complex: Find the way and avoid confusion!: new anatomy, new preservation concepts, new instrumentation… when and how?

  4. Learn what you need to learn and not what you know already: customize your learning track!

  5. Learn from the best: the best-ever interdisciplinary, international faculty from the Plastic and ENT world of Rhinoplasty.

  6. Focus on specific topics with no hurry and a classroom format: 18 free masterclasses! 

  7. Check out what the industry has to offer to the rhinoplasty world: all the exhibits you need for your practice! 

  8. Enter the spotlight and present your work! : best abstract and best video sessions and awards! 

  9. Connect with your colleagues from around the world: mingle with faculty and attendees from all around the world! 

Italian hospitality, art, food and culture: discover wonderful Bergamo and its beautiful surroundings!





  • Peter Adamson Canada
  • Fazil Apaydin Turkey
  • Daniel àWengen Switzerland
  • Dario Bertossi Italy
  • Frederic Braccini France
  • Stefano Bruschi Italy
  • Mario Bussi Italy
  • Cavid Cabbarzade Turkey
  • Jay Calvert USA
  • Nuri Celik Turkey
  • Nazim Cerkes Turkey
  • Valerio Cervelli Italy
  • Roxana Cobo Colombia
  • Rollin Daniel USA
  • Richard Davis USA
  • Jean-Brice Duron France
  • Charles East UK
  • Hossam Foda Egypt
  • Olivier Gerbault France
  • Abdulkadir Goksel Turkey
  • Miguel Gonçalves Ferreira Portugal
  • Wolfgang Gubisch Germany
  • Bahman Guyuron USA
  • Sebastian Haack Germany
  • Martin Haug Switzerland
  • Werner Heppt Germany
  • Fabio Ingallina Italy
  • Aaron Kosins USA
  • Konstantin Lipski Russia
  • Riccardo Mazzola Italy
  • Sam Most USA
  • José Carlos Neves Portugal
  • Peter Palhazi Hungary
  • Paolo Persichetti Italy
  • Santdeep Paun UK
  • Enrico Robotti Italy
  • Rod Rohrich USA
  • Julian Rowe-Jones UK
  • Johnathan Sykes USA
  • Dean Toriumi USA
  • Jochen Wurm Germany
  • Vitaly Zholtikov Russia


программа мастер-класса

Room A
Panel: Thick-Thin skin management
“Best Movieclip competition” and “Luca Ortelli” Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course award
Texas-style Panel: What About this result?
Room B
6 one-hour Masterclasses
Room A
Keynote Lecture 6
Panel: how to prevent secondary rhinoplasty
Videopanel secondary dorsum – elucidating technique
Videopanel secondary tip – elucidating technique
Videocasepanel – a case in its essentials DCF and variations Videopanel
Boxing Ring: Rib yes/no
3 Secondary rhinoplasty, author-commented, edited videos
SECONDARY RHINOPLASTY Techniques Videofocus (videoclips only session)
Camouflage and finishing touches videopanel
Course Ending Panel: future challenges/directions
Room B
Social media, marketing and building a brand
Medical rhinoplasty


Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII, 106 24121 Bergamo (Italy)
+39 02 66802323

Стоимость участия в мероприятии: 75878


Для членов РОПРЭХ: 75878 ЗАПИСАТЬСЯ