4th Rhinoplasty Istanbul Workshop

Мастер-класс 14.06.2019


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Липский Константин Борисович

Липский Константин Борисович

пластический хирург, Кандидат медицинских наук


+7 903 171-37-97


Dear colleagues, I would like to announce that we have started to get ready for the 4th Rhinoplasty Istanbul Workshop that will take place in İstanbul, on June 14-16, 2019. rhinoplasty over the last ten years. Developments in procedures and improve ourselves accordingly. We would like to assure you that all the latest developments in rhinoplasty will be presented in this workshop. For each workshop we renew the faculty members and this workshop’s faculty will be outstanding as always. From pre-operative analysis and surgical planning to intra-operative decisions, every process will be covered in this intensive 3-day workshop. There will also be discussions in order to solve the problems we face in our daily practice. On the last day of our workshop, there will be a live surgery demonstration. It will be livestreamed and also displayed on the screen in the meeting lecture room. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions to surgeons during the surgery through a moderator. Sharing knowledge has helped humankind survive and evolve into the intelligent and productive species s/he is today. This is the very point that this workshop will be all about.. We are going to share and try to spread the knowledge that is vital for further development of the world population. Taking this opportunity, let us say a few words about the venue. Istanbul is Eastern and Western cultures. As one of the most touristic attractions of the world, it is also a capital of entertainment, science, commerce and history. Thus, within the scope of this Workshop, participants will not only have the chance to meet world famous rhinoplasty surgeons and learn from them, they will also enjoy this beautiful city. Rhinoplasty Workshop 2019 is an event not to miss! Please pass this information on to the professionals who might be interested. Expecting to see you in the Istanbul Rhinoplasty Workshop 2019!

Sincerely yours, Chairman Dr. Abdülkadir GÖKSEL



  • Honorary Lecturer
  • Fazil Apaydin
  • Baris Cakir
  • Nuri Celik
  • Nazim Cerkes
  • Rick Davis
  • Teoman Dogan
  • Carles East
  • Hossam Foda
  • Oren Friedman
  • Oliver Gerbault
  • Abdülkadir Göksel
  • Wolfgang Gubisch
  • Hüseyin Güner
  • Emre İlhan
  • Andrew jacono
  • Gürkan Kayabaşoğlu
  • Eugene Kern
  • Aaron Kosins
  • Milos Kovacevic
  • Konstantin Lipski
  • Stefan Maas
  • Mehmet Manisalı
  • Gerorge Marcells
  • Timothy Marten
  • Cem Meço
  • Alireza Mesbahi
  • Sam Most
  • Jose Carlos Neves
  • Peter Palhazi
  • Pietro Palma
  • Frank Riedel 
  • Enrico Robotti
  • Yuri Rusetskiy
  • Yves Saban
  • Tevfik Sözen
  • Süreyya Şeneldir
  • Erdem Tezel
  • Jochen Wurm
  • Tony Chiu Yu-Hsun
  • Vitaly Zholtikov


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