27th Stuttgart Advanced Course for Rhinoplasty with Live Surgical Demonstration

Мастер-класс 09.04.2019


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Липский Константин Борисович

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Dear colleagues and friends,

It`s a great honour and pleasure for me to invite you to the 27th advanced course for Rhinoplasty in Stuttgart. The course will be held on the 9th and 10th of April 2019. This time the course will be embedded in a very unique and spectacular course and meeting week.
So the week starts on Monday with the annual meeting of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe. This meeting includes a full day of interesting lectures, intensive panel discussions and video presentations on the large field of rhinoplasty.
On Tuesday and Wednesday the Stuttgart Rhinoplasty course will be held and Prof. Gubisch and myself will perform 10 live surgeries. The live surgeries will include primary and secondary rhinoseptoplasties with demonstration of rib and fascia harvesting. Additionally our international guest faculty Prof. Nazim Cerkes and Dr. Charles East will give outstanding lectures on hot topics in rhinoplasty. After the surgeries we will have panel discussions with our national und international guest faculty.
On Thursday morning then we will host our cadaver dissection course on the nose in the fantastic anatomic institute of the University of Tuebingen.
In the afternoon we will start for the first time a cadaver course on the whole face where famous “Face-Surgeon” will demonstrate and teach their techniques.
The next two days the 7th SOS Meeting will take place with live surgery on Friday and lectures on Saturday. We are so grateful that famous and experienced colleagues accepted the invitation to share their knowledge on this very complicated topic of secondary cosmetic surgery.
I am sure we will experience a very unique, intensive and inspiring course week where every surgeon will benefit from.
So I send you best wishes from Stuttgart and hope to welcome many of you at our course week.

Sebastian Haack, MD


More information: http://www.stuttgart-rhinoplasty-2019.de/


программа мастер-класса

7.00 am – 7.45 am
7.45 am – 8.00 am
Welcoming Sebastian Haack
8.00 am – 8.30 am
My actual strategy in rhinoplasty – what I changed in the last five years and why I did it Nazim Cerkes
8.30 am – 4.30 pm
Live-Surgery: 5 cases Surgeons: Wolfgang Gubisch, Sebastian Haack Moderation: Helmut Fischer Panelists: Nazim Cerkes, Charles East, Werner Heppt, Konstantin Lipski, Stefan Maas
4.30 pm – 6.00 pm
Panel: Use of rib cartilage Indication, application, complication, harvesting techniques Moderation: Helmut Fischer Panelists: Nazim Cerkes, Charles East, Wolfgang Gubisch, Sebastian Haack, Werner Heppt, Konstantin Lipski, Stefan Maas


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